My responsibility to you is to develop a website that will be a strong marketing tool for your business. The number one objective of your website should be to communicate the facts about your business to the world.

To communicate effectively:

Site Designs should be simple and straightforward.

- Complex designs such as audio and animation tend to be distracting.
- Distracting elements hurt concentration.
- You lose your viewers' attention, and thus your sales.
- Complex designs are often slow to appear (slow downloads), and viewers will leave your site before they get your message.
- And worst of all, complex designs are expensive!
- Remember, business websites should communicate, not entertain.

Sites must be easy to navigate.

- Linking each page to virtually every other page in your site is critical. Your viewers must have an easy path anywhere in your site. I design link buttons on every page of your site so that no one will get lost - or wonder where to go next.

Sites must be marketed.

- A site that isn't marketed is like a beautiful brochure that you leave in a drawer - no one gets your message.
- You cannot leave the promotion of your site to chance or rely on hits from search engines - you must control the marketing of your site.
- As part of my services, I provide you with ideas on how best to market your website.

Site design must be a joint effort between designer and client.

- Too often, the web designer views himself/herself as an artist, creating a site that he/she thinks is great in their eyes, but not taking the time to really understand the client's business and desires.
- I give each client a design guide which steps them through the decisions they need to make. The client controls the design during each step of the process.
- Your site should reflect you, not your web designer. As your web designer, I listen to your ideas and design a site that shows the quality of your products or services, as well as your personal taste.

Site designs should be committed for a fixed price.

- Fear of open-ended cost overruns often causes clients to settle for something less than the site they really want.
- Cost overruns occur only if you ask me to do additional work that was not included in the original estimate.

Sites should be designed to be viewed by all Internet users.

- Most web designers create sites that work well on their own equipment: a large monitor, a super-fast processor, and a high-speed DSL/FIOS/cable connection.
- The fact is that the most web viewers have small monitors, slow machines, and one in ten still has a dial-up connection.
- I test each site under the conditions that these viewers will see, so that problems like slow image downloads, horizontal scrolling, and screens that take an eternity to appear can be identified and corrected before your site is launched.
Site designs must reflect the quality of the business they represent.
- I frequently see sites representing quality businesses which display anything but a quality design.  Remember, if your site looks amatuerish or unprofessional, your viewers who don't know you will think you are amatuerish or unprofessional as well.  Your website is often the first impression people have of your business, and you may not get an opportunity to make a second!

I'm one of the few web designers who uses his name in his business title.

- I won't hide behind a business name like "Web Winners" or "Net Designers". I made a decision on day one of my business that it would contain my name and that would be evidence that I felt comfortable standing behind every product or service I produce. I am even more committed to that policy today.

Remember - communications is the keyword for your website.


A sample of one of the websites I have designed:

Monica Pommier Kravitt deals in real estate in the Bedford, New York area.