Why should I want a website?

The Internet business environment has changed dramatically over the past several years. Customers now expect you to have a website where they can view your products and services in detail.

Why should I use ted strauss websites for my site design?

I have over forty-five years of experience in computer programming and design, the last fifteen in website design. I am a full-time website designer, not a student, hobbyist, or someone in another business doing this as a sideline. Your site will be designed and tested by me personally.

I know it is tempting to have a friend or relative design your site - for little or no money. But ask yourself whether they will be willing to go through the iterations necessary to arrive at your desired site. Also, will they be willing and available to update your site when you want to make future changes? And can you repeatedly tell them when you don't like some things in the design without fear of offending them?

How much will it cost? Will there be cost overruns?

Most of my charges are fixed and listed on my Detailed Costs page. For example, site designs start at $495; a 10-page site can cost as little as $720. Cost overruns occur only if you ask me to do additional work that was not included in the original estimate.

How can I be assured that you'll complete the work for the cost/schedule we've agreed to?

I pride myself on professionalism and assure you will not be disappointed. I encourage you to contact any of my clients and ask about the experience of designing a site with me.

How long will it take to complete my site?

The design of the initial (home) page is a cooperative, interactive process between you and me. We will work back and forth until you are happy with the result (there is no additional charge for this). After this page has been established and I have received the rest of your materials, it normally takes no more than two weeks to complete your site.

I don't live near you in New York - is this an issue?

I have clients as far away as Washington State, Maine, Florida, New Mexico, and even three in Europe! One of the beauties of the Internet and eMail is that proximity is no longer an issue. My clients tell me they often feel I am working in the room next to them.

How do I get started?

Once you are comfortable with my work, I'll ask you to send me a deposit.  When I receive that, I'll start the eMail dialogue to get the "look" of your site settled.

Once my website is launched, who maintains it (adds pages, changes photos, etc.)?

I maintain most of my clients' sites. They are free to maintain their sites themselves, but most find it convenient and affordable for me to do it.

What do you charge to maintain a website?

Unless you ask me to change something, there is no charge. There is no retainer fee.   You continue to be responsible to your web hosting and domain registration company(ies) for those costs.  My charges to add photos, pages, etc. are the same as those costs during the initial design. See my Detailed Costs page.

I already have a website. Why should I consider a redesign?

I offer prospective clients a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation of your current website. Areas I consider are download performance, layout, design "no-nos", intra-site links, and image efficiency. This will point out opportunities for improving your site.

Additionally, a site which is not updated every few months or redesigned every few years becomes "dead", like an identical advertisement running in a magazine month after month. Your customers will tire of returning to your site if they see the same thing every time.


A sample of one of the websites I have designed:

The Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps website is one of several that I have designed for charitable organizations at no charge over the past fifteen years.